Mahira Khan is a name that needs no introduction. She is a talented Pakistani actress who has taken the entertainment industry by storm with her looks and talent. She started her career as a VJ and soon transitioned into acting, making her debut in the drama serial “Neeyat” in 2011.

She has starred in several hit TV shows and movies, and has won the heart in Pakistan and beyond.

One of Mahira’s most popular dramas is “Humsafar,” which aired in 2011 and also starred Fawad Khan. The show was a massive success and helped to cement Mahira’s status as a leading actress in Pakistan. She has also appeared in many other hit shows such as “Sadqay Tumhare” and “Bin Roye.”

Mahira made her Bollywood debut in the 2017 film “Raees,” in which she starred opposite Shah Rukh Khan. Despite controversy surrounding the film’s release due to political tensions between India and Pakistan, Mahira’s performance was praised by critics and audiences alike.

Currently, Mahira is working on several exciting projects. She has recently starred in the drama series “Hum Kahan Ke Sachay Thay,” which is based on a novel by Umera Ahmed. She is also set to star in the film “Quaid-e-Azam Zindabad,” which is directed by Nabeel Qureshi and also stars Fahad Mustafa.

In addition to her acting career, Mahira is also a well-known philanthropist and has worked on several initiatives to promote education and healthcare in Pakistan. She was appointed as a UNHCR Goodwill Ambassador in 2019, and has been actively involved in promoting refugee rights and raising awareness about the issue.

In addition to her successful acting career, she has also ventured into the world of fashion by launching her own clothing brand called “Mashion” in 2020. The brand offers a range of stylish and comfortable clothing for women, including casual wear, formal wear, and accessories.

Mashion has quickly gained popularity in Pakistan and beyond, with its trendy designs and affordable prices. The brand has also partnered with various organizations to support charitable causes, such as providing clean water and education to underprivileged communities in Pakistan.

As for Mahira’s net worth, it is estimated to be around $6 million USD as of 2021. This includes her earnings from her acting career, brand endorsements, and other business ventures. Mahira has been one of the highest-paid actresses in Pakistan and has received numerous awards and accolades for her work in the entertainment industry.

Despite her success, Mahira has remained humble and focused on using her platform to make a positive impact in her community. She continues to inspire and empower others with her talent, hard work, and dedication to social causes. She is such a sweetheart diva.

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